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Staff Calendar of Activities
Starting in 2012
   Start Date End Date Title Unit Venue Contact
112-Oct-201230-Jun-2013 Planned Training and Development for the University Administration Department

For more information contact Mr. L.M. Mulota, Senior Registrar, Training and Development.

Starting in 2013
   Start Date End Date Title Unit Venue Contact
222-Apr-201330-Apr-2013 World Immunization Week University Health Services University Health Services

Sister Gathoni - 0721 523659

312-May-201315-May-2013 Sports (Annual Universities Sports Fixture) Transport MombasaTechnical University
413-May-201313-May-2013 Attend Joint Admission Board Meeting in J.K.U.A.T Transport
517-May-201323-May-2013 SWA Halls Officers Meeting Students Welfare Authority SWA Boardroom
620-May-201326-May-2013 SWA receives new students Students Welfare Authority SWA Head Office
722-May-201325-May-2013 SWA Strategic plan committee Retreat at Rainbow Resort Students Welfare Authority Ruiru
823-May-201323-May-2013 Release of Evaluation results DVC A / F
923-May-201323-May-2013 Submission of Quarterly reports DVC A / F
1023-May-201326-May-2013 Burial of Dr. Fanuel Jackton Muruka Transport Gem, Siaya County
1127-May-201327-May-2013 Workshop on Scientific Research Publishing uonlibrary CCU
1228-May-201329-May-2013 Training of Trainers on Open Access and Plagiarism uonlibrary SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS POSTGRADUATE LAB
1331-May-201328-Jun-2013 Training on safety and management of Records Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) Maktaba Hall
1401-Jun-201330-Jun-2013 Performance Contract negotiations DVC A / F KICC
1513-Jun-201320-Jul-2013 AIBUMA Conference Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) Lower Kabete Campus
1625-Jun-201325-Jun-2013 Perfomance Contracting Evaluation (4th Quarter) Head of Departments Meeting Construction and Maintenance Utalii Hotel,Nairobi

Manager, Construction & Maintenance

1728-Jun-201329-Jun-2013 Construction and Maintenance Department,Perfomance Contracting 4th Quarter Evaluation Construction and Maintenance Utalii Hotel,Nairobi

Manager, Construction & Maintenance

1831-Jul-201331-Jul-2013 Submission of Annual Report DVC A / F
1901-Aug-201331-Aug-2013 Review applications for award of University of Nairobi Deans’ Committee Grant RPE
2020-Dec-201331-May-2014 End of Year Party 2013 Information Communication Technology To be confirmed
Starting in 2014
   Start Date End Date Title Unit Venue Contact
2106-Feb-201406-Feb-2014 Mid-Term Performance Contract Evaluation uonlibrary Central Catering Unit (CCU)
2212-Feb-201412-Feb-2014 Open Access Capacity Building Workshop for Repository Managers uonlibrary JKML Computer Lab
2314-Feb-201414-Apr-2014 Library Staff Training on ICT Emerging Trends uonlibrary JKML Computer Lab
2428-Feb-201403-Mar-2014 Sensitization Workshop for the Library staff uonlibrary Central Catering Unit (CCU)
2511-Apr-201411-Apr-2014 Makataba Annual General Meeting uonlibrary Library Board Room
2614-Apr-201415-Apr-2014 Association of African Universities Dspace Training uonlibrary JKML Computer Lab
2724-Apr-201424-Apr-2014 Visit to Disability friendly Libraries uonlibrary Kenyatta University, Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) and KNLS
2829-Apr-201429-Apr-2014 Senior Staff Meeting uonlibrary Library Board Room
2919-May-201420-May-2014 Library Workshop on Staff Team-building uonlibrary Central Catering Unit (CCU)
3021-Jun-201430-Sep-2014 SA, DivisionTeam building and training Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) Maanzoni Lodge
3127-Jun-201427-Jun-2014 UoN Digital Repository Launch uonlibrary JKML Board Room Rosemary Otando
Starting in 2015
   Start Date End Date Title Unit Venue Contact
3201-Jan-201531-Jan-2018 2015 Calendar of Activities DVC A / F
3301-Apr-201530-Jun-2017 Activities of the year 2015 DVC A / F University of Nairobi
Starting in 2016
   Start Date End Date Title Unit Venue Contact
3401-Jan-201631-Dec-2018 Calendar of Activities for the year 2016 DVC A / F

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